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SINCE 1991


The hardest time is when we have to say farewell to close and beloved people, in whose lives we were allowed to participate. Regardless of whether we knew that someone’s death was approaching, or whether they lost their lives through an unexpected and sudden stroke of fate, it is often hard to find consolation.


Many things have to be considered and decided during this difficult time. Please don't hesitate to contact us, even at night and on Sundays and public holidays. We are here to support you through this difficult time. We will accompany you very discreetly and caringly and will help answer all your questions – even after the funeral.


Contact us any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most of our support team speak English.


You will find more information on our German website here.



For more than 28 years, we have attached great value to personal care and individual advice.

Each member of our team is there to do their utmost to make this difficult time a little easier and offer support for different needs.

Pre-Death arrangement

Pre-death prevention. Write your wishes down in a correct manner, so your family knows what you would like to take place.

Please call us - we will be honored to share commemoration ideas and advice of the official process.

Funeral services

We offer comprehensive funeral home services. Please call us, if you require our assistance.

With their empathy and experience, all our employees take their time for you, guiding you through the steps necessary to arrange a funeral.

Types of burial

Whether interment, cremation, burial at sea, in a forest, in natural surroundings or an aerial burial, we will be with you at every turn to help plan a service that celebrates your loved one’s life and inform you about restrictions in Switzerland and other countries.

Printing services

With our small but first-class in-house print shop, we are able to respond quickly and flexibly to all your printing needs and support you with our comprehensive services, comprising the printing, packing and dispatch of cards or necessary information.

Modern rooms

Our modern rooms are designed for conversations in a pleasant setting, as this makes these difficult decisions during this potentially very stressful time easier.


We will also help you with the funeral arrangements.

English speaking contacts

Job applications & press ...

Please send applications, press inquiries, questions about death insurance, supplier inquiries and all advertising offers to the following address:
Martin ZürcherCo-Owner Managing Director, Swiss Certified Undertaker

Online condolences book

You have lost a loved one and would like to leave a few kind words to him or his family and friends? On this platform, you can search for an obituary and express your feelings or compassion by leaving a personal condolence. This is a free service.


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